WINDER3 slitter is the most advanced slitter in compact segment.


Maximum slitting efficiency, advanced automatic functions.


Multipurpose rewinder designed for Work Flow, 100% inspection,
reinspection of pharma labels [200% inspection].


Core cutting has never been so easy and effective.


Jurmet company has got a large experience in manufacturing of the machine equipment. Particularly in manufacturing air shafts and bowed shaft. Jurmet has been manufacturing these shafts according to its own solutions for more than 15 years. These parts have become an integrated part of Jurmet’s slitters and rewinders.

Air shafts

Air shafts are used to grip cores. The gripping parts are pneumatically operated jaws. The air shafts exist in one-sided or two-sided versions and they can be manufactured of steel or aluminium according to the required loading capacity and application. Available range of diameter 1”-200mm.                            


Bowed shafts

Bowed shafts (banana shafts) are used to spread wrinkled web which has occurred during the rewinding process of foil, paper or fabrics. The shaft surface is adapted accordingly to the job environment (dry, wet, chemically active or not) as well as to type of converted material. Whereas, the rotation of bowed shaft ankle is adjustable with a worm gear.
Range of outside dimaters:80mm-205mm
Range of working widths: 600mm – 6000mm
Standard deflection: 0,8%-1,4% d³. of working width. 


Air chucks

The air chucks are used to increase a diameter of an existing air shaft which is particularly useful in the unwind section of machines. There are air chucks with aluminum body.

Friction chucks
The friction chucks are used in rewinding shafts of the slitting machines. The purpose of these chucks is to grip each single core. Independent job of each friction chuck makes possible to equalise the tension of each reel. As a result, each reel is rewound with exactly the same tension. Jurmet company manufactures friction chucks with width from 12mm to 50mm for the diameter range from 70mm to 6”.
Jurmet company has been granted European patents for some of its solution.

Safety chucks

Safety chucks are used to fix air shafts in rewinding sections of the machines and to transmit torque of unwind and rewind sections. Jurmet company, depending on application, offers safety chucks with a collar and flange.

Roll savers

Roll saver Corter1 is designed to reconstruct a round shape of crashed cardboard cores. Such a damage may occur during the transportation of roll rewound on a core. After opening a core it is possible for a gripping element to slide easily and to unwind a rewound material. The roll saver is available for the inner diameter of cores from 70mm to 7”.