Production of blank labels requires application of a high productive rotary die cutting label rewinder in order to ensure adequate return on investment.

  • 270-450mm (10.6"-17.7")
    Web width
  • 800mm (31.5")
    Unwind roll diameter
  • 400/500mm (15.7"/19.7")
    Max. rewind diameter
  • 400m/min. (1312 ft/min.)


ROTER - rotary die-cutting label rewinder

Productivity and flexibility are key success factors in the label industry. In order to achieve this aim JURMET has launched an innovative, high-productive rewinder ROTER for blank and printed labels. This rewinder allows the production of labels of various size and shape with a maximum speed of 400m/min. (1312 ft/min.). It is possible due to the precise tension control implemented by 4 motors. Another advantage is the independent control of matrix tension provided by a separate motor. High operating parameters make rewinder ROTER an excellent choice for label manufacturers.


Width of material

270/380/450mm (10.6"/15"/17.7")

Unwind diameter

800mm (31,5")

Rewind diameter

400/500mm (16"/20")

Max. mechanical speed

400m/min. (1312 ft/min.)

Min. slitting width

15mm (0,6")

ID core

1", 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 3", 120mm, 6"

Processed materials:

self-adhesive paper and foil labels, blank and preprinted labels