This innovative slitter WINDER2C for controlling purposes was created by constructors of the JURMET’s R+D team.

  • 1000/1300mm (39.4"/51.2")
    Web width
  • 1000mm (39.4")
    Unwind roll diameter
  • 610/800mm (24"/31.5")
    Max. rewind diameter
  • 600m/min. (1969 ft/min.)


WINDER2C - slitter with Work Flow

This innovative slitter for controlling WINDER2C is a patent protected solution developed by JURMET's R&D department and dedicated to flexographic printing houses. It has been designed especially for checking the print quality and Work Flow. It has to be emphasized that errors found at the earlier packaging production stages have to be removed on the slitter rewinder. In order to achieve this aim the slitter is equipped with a special inspection table at the unwind enabling cutting out defective parts of material and an additional rewinder station for efficient waste rewinding. WINDER2C has been adapted to work in Work Flow system based on the reports generated on the flexo press.


Width of material
1000/1300mm (39.4"/51.2")
Unwind diameter
1000mm (39.4")
Rewind diameter
610/800mm (24"/31.5")
Max. mechanical speed
600m/min. (1969 ft/min.)
Weight of parent roll
1500 kg (3307 lbs)
Min. slitting width
25mm/1" (50mm/2" as standard)
Core ID
70mm, 3”, 120mm, 150mm, 6”
Converted material
printed / unprinted foil (PE,PP,PA,PET and other),metalised foil, laminates, shrink film, label stock film, paper ,HSF film, aluminium, para transmission film
packaging for food industry, flexo printing houses, health care materials and pharma materials