ROTER-S is designed for die cutting of blank and printed labels with function of die cutting to register.

  • 380/450mm (15"/17.7")
    Web width
  • 800mm (31.5")
    Unwind roll diameter
  • 400/500mm (15.7"/19.7")
    Max. rewind diameter
  • 30-200m/min. (98-656 ft/min.)


ROTER-S - semi-rotary die-cutting rewinder

The dynamic development of digital printing has increased the demand for professional rewinding machines for finishing. In response to the expectations of the industry JURMET company launched a universal rewinder ROTER-S designed for die-cutting of blank and printed labels with function of die-cutting to register. The advantage of the rewinder ROTER-S is the application of semi-rotary die-cuting system with universal magnetic shaft designed for different lengths of flexo dies. Thanks to this solution, you can quickly adapt the machine to your customer orders at the same time saving on the costs associated with the purchase of additional magnetic shafts. In addition the rewinder ROTER-S can be expanded with additional options for finishing such as foil lamination.


Width of material

380/450mm (15"/17.7")

Unwind diameter

800mm (31.5")

Rewind diameter

400/500mm (15.7"/19.7")

Max. mechanical speed

30-200m/min. (98-656 ft/min.)

Min. slitting width

15mm (0.6")

ID core

1", 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 3", 120mm, 6"

Processed materials:

self-adhesive paper and foil labels, blank and preprinted labels