The KRAFTER2 slitter is designed to slit and rewind paper and non-woven “offline”. The solid construction of the KRAFTER2 slitter is adapted to slit heavy paper rolls and non-woven rolls with high diameters.

  • 1600-2500mm (39.4"-98.4")
    Web width
  • 1300/1500mm (51.2"/59.1")
    Unwind roll diameter
  • 1000/1200mm (39.4"/47.2")
    Max. rewind diameter
  • up to 1000m/min. (3281 ft/min.)


KRAFTER2 - monoshaft slitter for paper

The KRAFTER2 slitter preserves the same job parameters independently of the speed. Separate motors on unwind and rewind, precision tension control and solid construction allow stable and break free job. Additionally, mechanic wear out is reduced to the minimum due to applying high class mechanical parts.


Width of material
1600/2000/2200/2500mm (63"/78.7"/86.6"/98.4)
Unwind diameter
1300/1500mm (51.2"/59.1")
Rewind diameter
1000/1200mm (39.4"/47.2")
Max. mechanical speed
up to 1000m/min. (3281 ft/min.)
Weight of parent roll
2500 kg (5512 lbs)
Min. slitting width
80mm (3.2")
Core ID
3”, 6” (other diameters on request)
Converted material
foil (PE, PP, PA, PET and others), self-adhesive paper for labels, coated paper for the production of paper cups and other technical materials requiring winding of large diameters
packaging for food industry, flexo printing houses, health care materials and pharma materials